Real Fighting For Real Warriors

Be Battle-Ready: Kali Training That Prepares You for Real Combat

Our Kali fighting system is honed for the street, not the arena. We teach effective, battle-tested techniques to prevail in real-world altercations. Gain practical skills to defend yourself against lethal attacks.

Excellence Through Experience

Premier Kali and Eskrima Training in Portland, Oregon

At River City Warriors, our veteran instructors adapt hardcore Filipino martial arts into a unique training system for all skill levels.

We develop combat-ready warriors, equipped to prevail in real-life altercations with tenacity and skill.

Join our tribe of driven, self-confident students and achieve peak physical and mental strength.

Kali instructor provided guidance at River City Warriors in Portland Oregon
Portland Arnis sparring with Knives at River City Warriors

What is Kali?

Kali – Mastery of Stick and Blade

Step into the world of Kali, a martial arts legacy born from the fierce battlegrounds of the Philippines. Here, the art of the rattan stick and the precision of the blade knife aren’t just skills—they’re survival tools passed down through generations. This isn’t just training; it’s a transformation into a warrior who can turn the tide with a flick of the wrist.

Immerse yourself in Kali, where the streets of Portland become your training ground. Uncover the secrets of disarming opponents, controlling joints, and striking with lethal accuracy. In Kali, it’s not about muscle; it’s about the mind and mastery. It’s where agility meets strategy, and everyday objects become your arsenal.

Warriors Emerge Where Wills Converge

Kali Classes – Skill Development For All Warriors

At River City Warriors, we meet you at your experience level with passionate instructors who progress your skills in a supportive community environment. 

Our beginner Kali classes build technical foundations focused on stance, footwork and control. Discover how to wield rattan sticks for offense/defense while learning to counter blade attacks.

As you advance, take skills to the next level by dynamic sparring against partners. Expand signature Kali flow drills accentuated with rhythmic striking and precision disarming. 

Expert warriors blend battle-tested tactics – stick work, blade play, joint manipulation, open hand strikes – all tailored for real-world application. 

We forge warriors at every step. Embrace your inner fighter through expert guidance on your unique Kali journey.

Kali Training Escrima Sticks at River City Warriors PDX

Custom Kali Training

The Best Martial Arts Training in Oregon

At River City Warriors, we make Oregon’s premier Kali training accessible through customized programs fit for all needs. Our diverse certifications allow teaching traditional methods adapted for modern self-defense.

We cater classes using a famed Filipino martial arts training methodology relying on live partner drills and sparring. This trains reactions to unforeseen attacks, ingraining muscle memory essential for real combat.

Unlike stiff kata forms, our fluid training system develops all-around skills for weapon disarming, limb destruction and empty hand strikes. Internalize proven Kali tactics into instinctual self defense behaviors.

Two Jiu Jitsu Practitioners sparring at River City Warriors

Customized Programs

Our diverse certifications allow teaching traditional Kali/Eskrima adapted for modern Oregon self-defense needs. Personalized journeys match styles and weapons to individual goals.

Reality-Based Sparring

Ingrained reactions through unscripted, full-contact partner sparring. The closest you can get to real combat without the risk, preparing muscle memory for chaotic attacks.

Holistic Cross-Training

Fluid drills develop well-rounded capabilities – weapon disarming, limb destructions, empty hand tactics. Not limited to strict, outdated kata forms.

Supportive Community

Positive gym environment where fellow warriors motivate one another everyday. Thrive in a fraternity focused on accountable self-improvement.

Why Train with Us?

Train With the Best in the Northwest

Embark on your martial arts journey with River City Warriors, the premier destination for Kali training in Portland. Our academy stands out as a beacon for those seeking not just to learn, but to excel in the art of Kali, offering a unique blend of traditional techniques and modern applications. Here, you’re not just joining a class; you’re becoming part of a legacy where dedication, skill, and community converge to forge true warriors.

Kali Stick Fighting in Portland

Battle-Tested Expert Instructors

Our team of experienced Kali trainers in Portland brings world-class expertise and a passion for martial arts right to your doorstep. Each instructor is not only a master of Kali but also dedicated to crafting warriors, ensuring you receive guidance from the best in the field.

Female Arnis student holding wooden Escrima sticks

Reality-Based Self Defense

Learn self-defense that makes a difference. Our curriculum is designed to equip you with skills that matter, combining traditional Kali techniques with modern-day applications. Step into confidence knowing you can handle real-life situations effectively.

Class and Instructors photo at River City Warriors Martial Arts Gym

Join Our Warrior Community

Immerse yourself in a community of like-minded individuals, all on the journey to becoming warriors. Our classes foster a sense of belonging, offering support, motivation, and camaraderie as you train, grow, and excel together in the art of Kali.

More Than Martial Arts – Transformations In Action

At River City Warriors, we consider ourselves privileged to be a part of the journeys walked by so many determined spirits who step into our dojo. While the physical techniques we teach are powerful on their own, nothing compares to witnessing the personal transformations our students embrace over time.

Hear directly from warriors in our community on how embracing consistent Kali training builds confidence, self-discipline and inner strength that radiates far beyond the training floor:

“Learning Kali gave me the confidence to be myself. The community supports me to achieve goals I didn’t think possible. We lift each other higher.”

Micheal R.

“I was skeptical Kali would be the right fit since I’ve never done martial arts before. But the supportive community embraced me with open arms and the practical training clicked right away. After a few short weeks, I feel a confidence I’ve never felt before.”

Sam T.

“Before training I didn’t have that fire in me. Now every morning I feel driven with new energy and focus. I’m stronger physically and mentally.”

Eva S.

“My son struggled in school. Kali training taught him discipline and respect. It’s given him – all of us, the structure we didn’t have before.”

Jamila R.

Start Your Kali Journey Today

Think you’re ready to begin your exciting transformation into a Kali warrior with River City Warriors? Our diverse training programs have something for all backgrounds and goals.

Take the first step by signing up for an introductory class – try Kali for the first time in a welcoming environment with expert guidance. 

Ready to tap into thousands of years of weapon arts passed down through generations? Want to gain the mental strength matching your physical skills? Eager to join a motivated community of martial artists in Portland?

If so, click below to get started and claim your free intro class! honorary warrior status awaits…