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Unleash Your Potential

Ready to unleash your full potential? Our Jeet Kune Do classes in Portland are here to help! Developed by martial arts legend Bruce Lee, this revolutionary system combines elements of various styles to give you an unparalleled fighting edge.

Our experienced instructors provide tailored classes for every skill level, helping you master valuable self-defense moves while honing your coordination and flexibility. Join us today and become the absolute best version of yourself!

Become Unstoppable with Jeet Kune Do in Portland

Become Unstoppable!


Jeet Kune Do training can help increase self-confidence by developing a sense of self-empowerment and resilience, promoting mental focus, clarity and calm


Develop a sense of self-assurance by learning valuable self-defense skills and the ability to face and overcome physical and mental challenges through improved physical fitness, coordination, focus, and resilience


improve your flexibility by focusing on natural movement and flow, which helps to develop a greater range of motion and improved body mechanics, resulting in increased mobility and reduced risk of injury


Learn valuable self-defense skills that can be effectively applied in real-life situations, using principles of simplicity, directness, and efficiency to handle various ranges of combat and multiple opponents

personal growth

Jeet Kune Do encourages personal growth by helping individuals understand their own strengths, weaknesses and capabilities

Bruce Lee

Founder of Jeet Kune Do

Jeet Kune Do is the most complete martial art discipline designed to handle real-life self-defense situations. Our world-class instructors in Portland, OR guarantee personalized, high-quality training sessions that will help you build tremendous strength, coordination, and flexibility while mastering essential self-defense strategies for real-life scenarios. Get empowered, stay safe, and become a pro-combatant today!

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We know that choosing a martial arts program can be overwhelming, so we’re offering you a chance to try our Jeet Kune Do program for free! Our one free class offer is the perfect opportunity to experience the benefits of our world-class instruction and community. Join us and become unstoppable!

Why Choose River City Warriors for Jeet Kune Do Training in Portland, OR

Unlock Personal Growth and Self-Improvement

Unlock Growth

Embrace a lifestyle that fosters personal growth and self-improvement through Jeet Kune Do.

Advanced Instruction

Benefit from an advanced system designed for all ages and levels, focusing on practical self-defense

Mental Focus

Sharpen your mental focus and concentration, setting a clear path towards achieving your goals

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Become part of our warrior community for a stronger, healthier, and more confident you

Jeet Kune Do Stylized Photo in Facility

Master the Four Ranges of Combat

Jeet Kune Do training emphasizes the importance of mastering the four ranges of combat: kicking, punching, trapping, and grappling. Practitioners learn techniques for each range and develop the ability to seamlessly transition between them. By mastering all four ranges, Jeet Kune Do practitioners are equipped to handle any situation they may encounter.

The Evolution of Jeet Kune Do

A Revolutionary Approach

Jeet Kune Do was created by martial arts legend Bruce Lee in the 1960s and quickly gained recognition for its innovative approach to combat. Lee developed Jeet Kune Do as a way to break free from the traditional martial arts systems, which he felt were too rigid and impractical. He incorporated elements from various martial arts styles, such as boxing, fencing, and Wing Chun, to create a system that emphasized adaptability, speed, and simplicity

What Sets Jeet Kune Do Apart

A Way of Life

Jeet Kune Do is not just a martial art, it’s a way of life. It emphasizes personal growth and self-improvement, as well as practical self-defense skills. Unlike traditional martial arts, Jeet Kune Do is constantly evolving and adapting to the needs of the practitioner. It’s not about adhering to a set of rigid rules, it’s about finding what works for you and your body.

Hear What Our Students Say


Don’t just take our word for it – hear what our students have to say about our Jeet Kune Do program:


This gym is for all ages at all levels and is an opportunity to learn proper techniques from the best instructors while getting a great workout. I attend their jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai classes which are awesome workouts and great learning experiences!

Erick Franco

Muay Thai/Jiu-Jitsu Student

Have been training here for three years now and would recommend it to anyone. Fantastic people and really great technique taught in both Jiu jitsu and Muay Thai. Everyone here, members and instructors, make it a super welcoming and encouraging environment.

Kenzie Rose

Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai Student

Love these people! Ever since day one I have felt a warm welcome and made great friendships with fellow classmates and knowledgeable instructors. They are great teachers and create a safe learning environment where we can learn useful techniques that can be lethal.

Lydia B


Awesome place for workouts and has very friendly coaches. No judgment and has been a great journey for me. I love this team they have helped me through a lot. Muay Thai and Brazilian jiu-jitsu is where it’s at and I couldn’t ask for a better set of groups.

Cristian Alvarez

Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai Student

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