RCW is 100% OPEN

Our doors are open with absolutely zero restrictions!! It’s been so great to see everyone’s faces again, as of a June people who were fully vaccinated were able to train without masks and without socially distance. We’ve nearly closed in on a 70% statewide vaccination mateark and with that all restrictions have been dropped. Any one, any time, can show up and train at River City Warriors and celebrate this milestone with our community.

It cannot be understated that without our incredible tribe of warriors, RCW wouldn’t be back in business right now. Many businesses in our category took losses too great to bear and have shuttered their doors permanently. Our students and their families out of the generosity and goodwill of their hearts made it so RCW would be place to train when this pandemic was behind us. We cannot thank each and every one of you enough for making git possible for our academy to roar back in 2021. We will be announcing some FREE seminars and events soon, as a way to give back to those who supported us during this difficult time. Until then, please know that we appreciate you every day and have never taken your kindness and fortitude for granted.

It’s time to show our faces again!

The Fight Isn’t Over

Although we’re fortunate to be in a country with access to vaccines, we recognize others are not. Covid is still with most of the world and we mourn the loss of those taken by Covid around the globe and right here in our own community. We also realize kids can’t be vaccinated just yet, with that said if anyone wants to continue wearing a mask for training that’s their option to do so and will be respected at RCW. Much like we also understand some people are wary about the vaccine and that’s their choice to make as well. However, I would like to use this platform today to urge you, if you’re eligible to be vaccinated, please consider it.

Our experiences with Covid

As I mentioned a moment ago, we have mourned the loss of a couple family members in our circles due to Covid. Both were healthy individuals younger than age 40, family members of our students. Beyond that, we’ve had a number of students contract cover and end up hospitalized. If you’ve been around the training hall long, you know that most people there live a healthy lifestyle as these folks did. One of my own private students became a Covid long hauler, and 8 months later he still has persistent symptoms. I realize that these stories are anecdotal, but there’s plenty of statistics out there that would say the same, if I can share some uncomfortable moments some warriors walked through it might help others avoid unnecessary risk.

One of our new students is a surgeon, but recently they’ve given him rehab cases for Covid patients coming from the ICU. Yesterday he told me a story of mother and daughter nurses who had both rejected the vaccine. Both ended up in the ICU in the same week, both regretted having skipped out on the vaccine when it was available. “You just never know how it’s going to effect you” our on site doctor added. Like my long hauler, ex marine, private student, you feel invulnerable until you’re not. I have a few more stories I could share with you today, but my main point is why take the chance?

Me, You, and the vaccine

Nearly all of the coaching staff at RCW has been fully vaccinated since March, some as early as February. Not only that, but 90% of our student body is currently vaccinated as well. It was easy, relatively painless, and besides some folks who had mild flu like symptoms or a headache, nobody was the worse for wear. Myself and Coach Erik didn’t really have any reaction at all to our mRNA vaccines. I was fatigued for an afternoon, and Coach Erik went for a 5 mile run because he has vegan super powers.

We feel safe, we’ve been back to “normal” fo months. Training with who we want, without social distancing for quite some time. There was a sense of relief too, knowing we wouldn’t accidentally pass Covid on to someone else. No vaccine is 100% and we recognize that by limiting spread we’re reducing everyone’s chance in our community to contract the illness or allow a variant to spread. We feel this is our duty and obligation to our friends, family, and community. Much like we would step up and protect someone in need of a physical threat, and we teach people to do that every day, we have to step up and protect them from this invisible threat as well.

The good news is you don’t have to be a black belt in JKD or Jiu Jitsu to do the same! We urge you to get vaccinated and do your part to stop the spread of Covid 19 for good. It may save your life, someone you love, or a complete stranger. It’s never been easier, most clinics have walk in hours now and you can find a location near you by going to: www.Vaccines.gov

Don’t get played by misinformation

The fact is other than extremely rare situations that less than 0.001% of the population faces, the vaccine is safe and effective for everyone. If you check out the website there’s a hotline you can call to answer any questions or concerns you might have. You could also check with your local doctor who knows your medical history. There’s been a lot of misinformation in the works, bad actors advocating against the vaccine for any number of reasons. Most of them should be dispelled by now. Think about how many of your friends or neighbors have done their part? As of today over 327 MILLION shots are in the arms of Americans. If there were crazy side effects like turning up your cell phone coverage, magnetism, infertility, or a reaction worse than Covid we would know about it. I may have mentioned I received mine in February and after the initial day I forgot all about a little soreness in my arm. Again, if you’re really worried, consult your doctor and make the decision that’s right for you.

I don’t bring this up to be critical of anyone, I’m urging you to get vaccinated for two key reasons:

  1. I care about you and every member of our community and I don’t want to see you contract a severe case of Covid.
  2. I care about you and every member of our community and I don’t want to see you be a vector to give someone else a severe case of Covid.

Just like our students and their families wouldn’t let RCW face necessary risks of a shutdown alone, we refuse to let our students take unnecessary risks with their health without being vocal about it. It’s the least we can do to make sure that everyone in our circle is safe and protected when we’re so fortunate that in this country, it’s easy to do our part.


Thanks again Warriors for all you do, including letting me rant a bit,

– Coach Joe