We are thrilled to be back

First things first:

We have to keep talking about how awesome our Warrior community is, because we just can’t overstate it. There’s plenty of students coming back to the academy these days, and plenty more who have supported us over this long haul and made sure RCW stuck around. We appreciate you more than words can convey and we have some cool plans in the works to begin giving back as we open up.

We’re getting there:

It may not be at the pace we all desire, but currently we feel that the pandemic is winding down. It’s not quite time to drop our guard yet, but good news is all around.

  • All of the head Coaches currently teaching at RCW have received the vaccine! This protects us, but studies show that it diminishes our ability to spread the virus and protects all of our students and their families as well. We’re also happy to report that everyone went through the process easily with extremely mild side effects.
  • Daily cases for the nation and Oregon have been plummeting as the vaccine rolls out. Average daily cases declined almost 40% in the last 7 days, and even more comforting daily deaths have dropped 70%
  • Vaccine rollout continues to improve despite everyone feeling that it could be faster. Current reports project that by April everyone who wants to get the vaccine will be able to get an appointment. We feel like this is the key to getting back to normal, and a feeling of safety with everyone returning to the academy and their regular social lives.

The end to restrictions at RCW! (almost)

One of the reasons we felt like dropping an update today is because the state has lifted all the restrictions in the state that affect RCW directly. We no longer have any real capacity restrictions because of the size of our space. There’s no need to schedule classes in advance, although that helps with attendance and other metrics. Anyone can currently just drop by and train and we’ll be thrilled to have you there. We’re working with partners in all classes and there’s hardly any modifications on part of the students.

The one mandate left in place we MUST absolutely follow is the state mask mandate. Everyone training since the summer is fairly used to them by now and a lot of us feel like it’s been a boon to our cardio. The simple act of wearing a cloth mask can greatly reduce the spread of Covid, and we appreciate all of you continuing with the habit to protect those who haven’t yet been vaccinated.

We can’t wait to see you in class!

Sometimes the academy feels a bit different because so much of our community has taken a long hiatus. Our one wish every day is to see more of you as you feel comfortable showing up to class. We’re all shaking off the rust together, and you’ll be surprised to see a whole new crew who have joined us in the past year during this off and on again timeline.

Our number one concern since this all started is your safety and the well being of your families. We know when the time is right we’ll see you at the school, and we can’t wait until that includes everyone in our community.

Until then Warriors, stay safe out there!

-Professors Joe & Erik