Get an explosive workout
Burn up to 1200 calories per session
Attain REAL boxing skills!



The science of “eight limbs” is the national sport of Thailand, an incredible workout and perfect for competition or self-defense. Voted one of the best, hardcore, ultimate workouts you can get. Now you can begin the journey of Muay Thai Kickboxing at our professional school in Tigard. We belong to the United States Thai Boxing Assoc. – The oldest and most accredited form of Muay Thai in America. If you’re looking for the best workout of your life, a form of self-defense, or to push yourself further, you’ve found it!

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NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! We’re pros at RCW of transforming people from armchair experts to Muay Thai professionals. From your first day, you’ll begin sculpting your true potential. You’ll be surprised how quick the results come with just two 60 minute classes a week. As you progress you’ll be able to push the boundaries of yourself physically and jump into the class as many times as six days per week. No matter what your goals we’re here to push you in River City to the brink of your work out.

ARE THEY ALL EXPERTS?! During your classes at River City Warriors you might come to find out that many of your training partners have been with us 3, 4, even as long as 7 years! Every student regardless of experience is encouraged to help each other strive for success. You’ll find these people like-minded, and on the same page as yourself. That’s because they started out just like YOU! Our long-term students are a testament to the quality of information and our friendly training environment.

From the TBA Associated PPV coverage, Muay Thai in America

This is the real deal! We’ve helped countless people shed an average of 30 pounds! We’ve won numerous accolades both in and out of the ring, and we can do the same for YOU! We put ourselves on the line every day because we stand on the quality of our classes. It’s why we can offer a FREE Trial! We know that in one class you’ll be hooked, just like Nicky and Kady.

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Nicky came to us looking for the next chapter in his Martial Arts journey. Disillusioned by less than authentic training at previous places he was hungry for progress. RCW stepped in and helped him achieve his goal of competing in the octagon. We believe winning is habit forming and that’s exactly what you get when you have the right kind of people doing the right kind of training. Using the Muay Thai and Boxing programs at RCW Nicky went on to accomplish not one, but two consecutive knockout victories in his amateur debut! Nicky sets an example in and out of the school as a family man, a person of integrity, and is one of the nicest guys at the school.

Find Nicky at River City Warriors, get your FREE Trial!

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Kady started her journey of Muay Thai looking for fitness and struck a knockout! She not only blasted through her fitness goals, but she has since become a pillar of our Muay Thai community in Tigard. She’s now on her way to becoming a level 2 Apprentice Instructor, a goal she couldn’t have imagined just a few years ago.

See if you can work as hard as Kady and try the FREE Trial! at River City Warriors

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What are you still reading this for?! You’ve seen our top quality program, and what it can do for others, take the plunge yourself and jump in today. You literally have NOTHING to lose! We’ll take all the risk by offering our FREE Trial because we KNOW that one class and you’ll be hooked with one of the best workouts of your life!
8 Bit Muay Thai is always happening at River City’s Cross Town High School… Don’t get bullied in Tigard, Tualatin, Sherwood, or Lake Oswego and join our Kickboxing program. Alex rescued his girlfriend that day, what will you do with the power of Muay Thai?
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