It’s human nature to respond to fear, it’s a survival mechanism, a motivator.

Fear can teach us a lot about ourselves when we’re willing to look internally. It can be the benefit of past lessons learned now a warning sign to not make the same mistake again. It can motivate us over fear of gaining too much weight, fear of not finding the right job, fear of not being able to defend ourselves. It’s important though to discern between fear and panic. 

Precautions are good, behavior changes are welcomed, but it’s integral we keep a positive outlook while doing our part for the community. If panic grips us, the trend is to take fear into the irrational. We no longer benefit from our internal warning system but slip into the deep end of crazy, like stock piling toilet paper when there’s a virus going around. Water won’t be shut off from your tap, grocery stores will remain open, and just know that you’re not alone in your concern.


RCW is taking steps to respond to the Coronavirus on a daily basis:

  • We have adopted the CDC standards for all cleaning supplies effective against the virus. This includes our hand soap, mat cleaner, lysol sprays and more.
  • New procedures like more thorough cleaning have begun, as well as cleaning touchable surfaces every day like door knobs and counter space.
  • Instructors have been informed to wash their hands before and after every class
  • All staff are following protocol to avoid coming into the school if they have any signs of illness. Truthfully we’ve always done this as sharing any kind of contagion is irresponsible in the view of RCW
  • In addition all staff are currently ordered to stay away if they come in contact with someone else who they feel has exposed them to the Coronavirus. (Shout to Holly Forrette for already doing this, it turned out to be a false alarm, but super proud of her for taking the steps to protect our community)

The rest falls on us individually:

If you can follow our lead and maintain good hygiene principles, we all benefit. It is beyond appreciated when you take responsibility for the well being of those around you by washing your hands, minimizing exposure to germs, and picking up after yourself. Together we can go a long way to make sure that everyone at RCW remains healthy and active.

With your support RCW will remain an active pillar in the community. A place you can be proud to attend and put down all that daily stress where we come together.

Thanks again for all you do, it is noticed, and much appreciated!!




Professor Joe