We Appreciate You Fighting for US


Quick update on our incredible community: 

First let us say we are eternally grateful for all of you who choose to continue to support RCW and ensure that we will be a place you can return to in the future. There’s hope on the horizon with the vaccines trickling out and finally being distributed to those most vulnerable, our family, friends, and loved ones. Some of you have attended ZOOM classes, several returned in person when we opened under Phase I measures, and many of you have called to offer your support even though we haven’t seen you in quite some time. All of this speaks volumes to the impact RCW has had on your lives, and words can’t express our appreciation and gratitude. I’ve always said in class, that I believe teaching of any kind is a two way street. The professor in the classroom benefits as much as the community they nurture. It has never been more true than it is now, because we frankly wouldn’t be able to outlast this pandemic and offer you the assurance that we will be here in 2021 without your help.

We also can’t go without saying that we don’t want to be a burden on anyone during this time. We don’t want anyone to feel like we’re asking for something we don’t deserve either. If anyone has any membership requests, would like to pause, cancel, or hold, please reach out to the school number at any time and we’ll respond right away. Keep in mind that any adjustments made to any membership usually take a billing cycle. We are here for you too and are honestly just trying to manage this situation as best as we possibly can.

Quicker update on Covid:

As for Covid guidelines, they’re currently a bit of a mystery. We’ve been in contact frequently with the OHA to try and make sense of the Governor’s new restrictions. Unfortunately that’s about as much as we’ve gleaned from those interactions. Thee’s not much to go on, more than what you see in the news. We’re told to wait every 2 weeks for an “assessment” and then county risk will be determined by that evaluation and things will remain closed, or start to open as they improve. As of today the next available date is January 15th.

We know this isn’t forever, and continue to suspect that it’ll be short term. The vaccine is being rolled out, and will only ramp up in distribution as time goes on. We predict that we’ll see a drop in fatalities among our most vulnerable very soon. That alone will start to allow for more liberty and movement in the general population, but it’ll just take a bit more time before we round that corner. We value all our students and their families, and we encourage you to stay strong and protect the health of yourselves and others by wearing a mask and following social guidelines during this time. We’re tired too. We want class to resume as regular, life to go on as normal, to head to the movies or attend a competition. It will happen, and likely in the coming year, but we need to tap into some of the key character traits that martial arts provides; perseverance and resilience. It’s tough on all of us, but together we’ll have the chance to come gather again in person and appreciate one another in the near future.


We’ve had a lot of questions about these lately, ZOOM classes are ONGOING! Based on attendance we’re currently offering them at the schedule below. Should it ramp up and we see the need to add more sessions we absolutely will. Right now we’re doing a combined “striking” hour with a mix of Muay Thai, JKD, and Kali, with the latter being only used for the warm up. Any current member of RCW and their family can attend any and all ZOOM classes regardless of membership, even kids!


Monday/Wednesday @6pm: Virtual Striking

Required equipment: NONE

Optional equipment: Having some kind of handheld object nearby like a pair of Kali sticks, a hammer, training knife, or spatula would help with the Kali warmup. Boxing gloves, a heavy bag, or anything that you can hit would help make the rest of the class more engaging. Again these aren’t required, but they will help YOU get more out of class. Most people enjoy having some kind of minimal equipment at home because it helps them feel like they’re doing more than shadow boxing (which is still valuable!)


Monday/Wednesday @7pm: Virtual BJJ 

Required Equipment: We highly suggest that you have a grappling dummy or family member for participation. We can work around it but since it’s grappling focused this will make the class much easier to follow along. There’s TONS of Youtube DIY grappling dummies made from household objects out there. We’ve linked to them on the blog and facebook before, but if you just search for it you’ll find endless results.

Meeting information: 

Meeting ID: 678 877 2943

Passcode: together#3



We’ve really worked hard this year to ramp up our digital curriculum. There’s still more in the works, but we are consistently putting information on our channel to supplement our ZOOM classes. This has been really helping our community stay together, especially for those who the online class times don’t work for, or just aren’t their thing. It’s a great place to engage with RCW and we’ve been taking requests from students, and strangers on the web, to produce content that’s directly related and provides material you can work on at home. Always had a question you wanted to ask in class? Weren’t able to attend that last seminar? Just curious on how to throw a Jab better? Hit us up on Youtube and let us know how we can help, or just take your time and browse any of the hundreds of videos we’ve already posted since March.

You can go directly to our channel —->HERE<—-


Thanks Again!

For all you do Warriors, we really wouldn’t be here without you and that’s an understatement. We can’t wait to be back in real physical classes with all of you and as soon as we hear word on restrictions changing we’ll post them right here on the blog.


Until then, all the best,

Coach Joe