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Is it safe to train during the latest wave?

We share your concern, let’s talk about it Warriors: Unless you’ve been under a rock lately or have a disciplined practice of avoiding the news, you’ve heard of the Delta variant sweeping the nation. Delta is a more contagious version of Sars-CoV-2 that spreads with less exposure and has even caused a number of breakthrough […]


We’re fully open and we’re still here, thanks to you!!

RCW is 100% OPEN Our doors are open with absolutely zero restrictions!! It’s been so great to see everyone’s faces again, as of a June people who were fully vaccinated were able to train without masks and without socially distance. We’ve nearly closed in on a 70% statewide vaccination mateark and with that all restrictions […]

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Diversity is in our DNA

The Martial Arts Melting Pot I was raised in Hillsboro in the 1980’s, which at the time was a farming community. From 25th and Cornell to 185th was all 100% farmland, there were no stores or apartments, and often you’d see Cougar strolling down the road! The diverse workforce that Intel brought, the burgeoning farming […]


Time for Some Good News!!

We are thrilled to be back First things first: We have to keep talking about how awesome our Warrior community is, because we just can’t overstate it. There’s plenty of students coming back to the academy these days, and plenty more who have supported us over this long haul and made sure RCW stuck around. […]


Warriors, Come Out and Play!

We’re baaaaaack!!   We are pleased to tell you we will be reopening on Monday, February 1st 2021. There’s no way we’d be here without the support of many of our students, friends, and families. YOU contributed a lot to us being here that cannot be overstated. In fact, we’re saddened to report many of […]


Hang in There Warriors!!

We Appreciate You Fighting for US   Quick update on our incredible community:  First let us say we are eternally grateful for all of you who choose to continue to support RCW and ensure that we will be a place you can return to in the future. There’s hope on the horizon with the vaccines […]


We’re not out of the Covid woods yet…

Taking Pause THE BIG UPDATE: 12/3/20 Dear Warriors, I personally spoke with the Oregon Health Authority yesterday,  and I wish I had better news for our students and community. Under the new guidelines our school is in a bit of a precarious place. “Gyms” and fitness are one of the most restricted activities at the […]

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We’re OPEN Warriors!!

(UPDATED 6/8/20) NOW OPEN!! Here’s what you need to know. Today Washington County was approved to reopen following Covid-19 guidelines set forth by the state. That  means River City Warriors can reopen as well! We’re excited about the opportunity to see all of you in person and return to the community we’ve so proudly built. […]