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Giving up? That stuff’s for quitters!!

We’ve all been there, down in the dumps ready and willing to pull the plug. In the end it could’ve been the right decision but more often than not we regret things that we relinquish too early.A common hurdle in life, but one less talked about is the stages of quitting. It doesn’t just happen […]

Kids who train martial arts are set for success!

Want to mold your children into athletic, self confident, disciplined, goal crushers? Of course we do!! Martial arts done right (big key there, done right!) provide a backbone of these benefits and countless others. How many kids do you know that by the age of 16 have been working on goal setting for 10 years? […]

We has YouTubes!!

In a visual world, why not put all your curriculum on You Tube? We often get requests from students to make supplemental videos to training. We are definitely on the path and welcome that encouragement! Right now we’re exploring the best way to put curriculum online. Like some ancient culture our martial technology is precious […]