Dear Friends, Students, and Family,

We are all in this together:


As the pandemic continues we are closed per the Stay-At-Home mandate along with other establishments in our home state. We are once again asking for your continued support through these trying times. At the same time we want to show our appreciation and commitment to all of you.

Owning a small business and running RCW for over 11 years has been a tremendous learning experience for myself and our staff. There’s nothing that fills us with more pride and joy than showing up to serve our community every day. It’s with much humility I have to lay bare that a loss in memberships would be devastating for us. We understand that everyone’s financial situation is different but we’re asking for your support during this hardship. We want RCW to be a place you can return to when this viral storm passes. Please don’t hesitate to call us if your situation changes, this isn’t going to be a straight line or even a smooth curve. We are here for you and while we ask for support we don’t desire to be anyone’s burden either.

Today on 4/5/2020 we’d like to make some announcements that benefit our tribe:

  1. We’ll be hosting numerous FREE seminars and workshops for all students and their families as soon as we’re able. This will include ALL programs and age ranges
  2. Academy gear such as sticks, apparel, and uniforms will be HALF off for the opening month. This includes the new custom Gi’s that people order prior to Christmas. They are in stock right now!
  3. Any Seminar fees paid for Pedro Sauer or other workshops will be promptly returned
  4. We are constantly updating live videos and home workouts on our PUBLIC facebook page. You don’t have to join FB to go watch any of the content. A lot of schools are hiding this behind a private group, we wanted to make sure our entire community can view these routines. Just head to our page at:
  5. Check out our YouTube channel where we’re also posting tons of content right now as well as a backlog of videos from previous sessions:


We’re trying to do even more!!

We currently have ALL the curriculum in the “can” for the first 3-4 years of every program. Right now we’re looking into editing as well as some graphic design before we launch this mega library. This is the culmination of more than 20 years of experience. As soon as we can announce something further on this you’ll be the first to know. And of course, this information is going to be free to all students.

While we’ve been posting several live videos on various platforms, we want your feedback on whether you feel that’s enough. Please give us feedback across any channel and let us know if you’d like to see live virtual classes. We’ll still keep our other irons hot as we roll out more content every day in these efforts. We greatly appreciate all of you. Without the warriors in our community RCW would cease to be a thing, and the level of support we’ve received is so monumental that it has literally brought a tear to my eye on occasion.

We value you, we are honored to know you and we believe that if all of us do our part, we will get through this together.


If you have any questions please email Professor Joe or Erik at

It’s human nature to respond to fear, it’s a survival mechanism, a motivator.

Fear can teach us a lot about ourselves when we’re willing to look internally. It can be the benefit of past lessons learned now a warning sign to not make the same mistake again. It can motivate us over fear of gaining too much weight, fear of not finding the right job, fear of not being able to defend ourselves. It’s important though to discern between fear and panic. 

Precautions are good, behavior changes are welcomed, but it’s integral we keep a positive outlook while doing our part for the community. If panic grips us, the trend is to take fear into the irrational. We no longer benefit from our internal warning system but slip into the deep end of crazy, like stock piling toilet paper when there’s a virus going around. Water won’t be shut off from your tap, grocery stores will remain open, and just know that you’re not alone in your concern.


RCW is taking steps to respond to the Coronavirus on a daily basis:

  • We have adopted the CDC standards for all cleaning supplies effective against the virus. This includes our hand soap, mat cleaner, lysol sprays and more.
  • New procedures like more thorough cleaning have begun, as well as cleaning touchable surfaces every day like door knobs and counter space.
  • Instructors have been informed to wash their hands before and after every class
  • All staff are following protocol to avoid coming into the school if they have any signs of illness. Truthfully we’ve always done this as sharing any kind of contagion is irresponsible in the view of RCW
  • In addition all staff are currently ordered to stay away if they come in contact with someone else who they feel has exposed them to the Coronavirus. (Shout to Holly Forrette for already doing this, it turned out to be a false alarm, but super proud of her for taking the steps to protect our community)

The rest falls on us individually:

If you can follow our lead and maintain good hygiene principles, we all benefit. It is beyond appreciated when you take responsibility for the well being of those around you by washing your hands, minimizing exposure to germs, and picking up after yourself. Together we can go a long way to make sure that everyone at RCW remains healthy and active.

With your support RCW will remain an active pillar in the community. A place you can be proud to attend and put down all that daily stress where we come together.

Thanks again for all you do, it is noticed, and much appreciated!!




Professor Joe